COVID-19 Cheer Bags

We hope you are doing well and are staying safe during this unprecedented time. Like so many others, we’ve been taking walks, watching Netflix and cleaning closets. However, that’s getting old and since we still have lots of time on our hands and feel so helpless, we decided to find a way that we can give back and help our community from the safety of our home.

After considering several options, we decided to focus on where we could make the largest impact in our own small way. Julie reached out to the CEO of the hospital that she used to work for (Julie is a retired RN) to see what they need. He responded quickly and was incredibly grateful. He said that the staff is emotionally and physically depleted and could really use a boost. He provided her with a list of things that would help the staff in the ER and ICU. Things such as cloth face masks for them to wear when they leave the hospital, personal care items such as lip balm and hand lotion because they are washing their hands raw, things to help with relaxation at home such as candles and aromatherapy, and some food items to snack on during their shifts since they often skip meals. After talking to him we knew that this was our mission.

Stay safe and healthy,
Rob and Julie


COVID-19 Cheer Bag Donors

Thank you so much to all of our Donors for making this possible! We were able to create 204 bountiful Cheer Bags for the medical staff at Sinai Hospital.

Shari Patz
Dr. Sahar Damghani
Dr. Harry Legum
Michael and Jacqueline Tabrizi
Marcia and Joel Kolko
Dr. Matt Wallengren
Joyce Levy
Dr. Jenny Chang
Dr. Richard Kuntz
Dr. Karen Klocko
Senator Jim Brochin
Dr. Nils Olson
Dr. John Kling
Dr. Sarah Rollor
Dr. Nancy Ward
Rachel Karpa
Century Engineering
Eric and Joanna Lewis
Ron Gneo
Dr. Ed Zebovitz
Ellen McCann
Dr. Jill and Dr. Gregg Kinzer
Katherine and Dr. Brian Lewis
Dr. Kelly Betts
Jay M. and Dawn Weinstein
Dr. Scott Nawy
Amy and Bob Pollokoff
Lisa Stoler
Michele Phin
Gail and Ed Zuskin
Laura Rieder-Beser

Jill Getlan
Randee Greenwald
Stacy Weiner
Alexa Wesley and Cody Chamberlain
Tom C. Fleming
Dr. Karen Gordon
Shelby Sirkis Dorich
Steve Goldklang
Jon Genn
Dr. Bob Grill
Josh and Gayle Genn
Sheryl and Stuart Title
Dr. Randi Kobren Miller
Jas Richardson
Daniel Bronstein
Helen and Ben Bronstein
Ali Seligman Mirsky
Meryl Caines
Dr. Janice Brill-Miller
Wendy Hoffman Cohen
Leslie Krohn
Janice Weinman
Deborah Margulies
Alan M Hess
Melinda Boyd
Titsa and Manny Bronstein
Elliott and Susan Weiner
Danielle Karpa
Teddy Minch
Nina Venick
Julie and Dr. Robert Minch

Dr. Minch is one of a kind. His dedication and relentless pursuit of higher education is inspiring and contagious. What I respect most about him, is his passion to lead everyone he cares about to learn with him. He is a great mentor and has changed my life in many positive ways. Over the years, he has organized multiple meetings with top level experts in our field. He volunteers countless hours to teach other dentists. His patients appreciate the level of care they receive from such a devoted caring dentist. I feel honored that Dr. Minch invites me to learn with him.
Dr. Jenny Chang

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