Complete Dentistry

Our approach to dental care – complete dentistry – is focused on preventing problems before they occur, while keeping teeth healthy, comfortable and attractive throughout each season of your life. Classic general dentistry has always been focused on “crisis care” – remove the cavity, repair the broken tooth, address a problem. This “single tooth dentistry” or “repair dentistry” was successful in attending to a specific crisis but never addressed the cause of the problem. It is not unusual for a patient to have patched, broken-down teeth after 30-40 years of repair dentistry and continued destructive forces occurring in the mouth.

Complete dentistry follows a different approach to maintaining and keeping teeth healthy, comfortable and attractive. Your foundation to complete dental health with Dr. Minch starts with your first appointment, including a thorough examination of your gums, bone, muscles, TMJ joints, bite – and your teeth! We use advanced digital photography, study models and digital x-rays to assess your oral health and evaluate your mouth with respect to:

Aesthetics – reviewing digital pictures with you to discuss cosmetic concerns about your smile

Function (the bite) using study models of your own teeth, we look for damage that may have been caused by heavy clenching/grinding and create strategies to prevent or minimize further damage

Structure – by looking closely at each individual tooth using various tools such as trans-illumination and/or a surgical microscope, we are able to assess its stability and overall health

Biology – we evaluate your susceptibility to periodontal disease, tooth nerve issues and TMJ health.

After analyzing all of this information, a blueprint of your dental health is created during a consultation appointment. You and Dr. Minch will review the findings and discuss treatment plans, as well as the risks of going without treatment.

Once the plan for your total dental health is created, the timing is discussed. Some patients want to complete such work all at once while others prefer to phase a treatment plan over several years. Regardless, the treatment plan is always customized to meet your individual needs.

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. Complete Dentistry is the best way to prevent or minimize the frustration of breaking teeth, cavities, tooth loss due to gum disease or joint/muscle discomfort. It is our way of ensuring that your total oral health is addressed and that any dental work will be as aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free and comfortable as possible.

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