“Dr. Minch is one of a kind. His dedication and relentless pursuit of higher education is inspiring and contagious. What I respect most about him, is his passion to lead everyone he cares about to learn with him. He is a great mentor and has changed my life in many positive ways. Over the years, he has organized multiple meetings with top level experts in our field. He volunteers countless hours to teach other dentists. His patients appreciate the level of care they receive from such a devoted caring dentist. I feel honored that Dr. Minch invites me to learn with him.”

Dr. Jenny Chang
Harvard Dental School graduate Magna Cum Laude
Prosthodontics Harvard Dental Medicine
Prestigious Dentist Scientist Award from NIH 1997-2000
Harvard University Faculty since 2000


“I have known him to be an excellent clinical dentist but also an extraordinary leader and educator for dentists. His commitment to continuing education for himself and his dental colleagues is noteworthy. After working for 3 years on one such meeting, I asked with incredulity why he did this and his response was a simple and brilliant…it’s because it’s what I do. His passion for this has influenced dentists from all over the country and we feel blessed to be a part of it.”

Dr. Mary Ann Salcetti
Georgetown University School of Dentistry
Completed 3 year specialty program in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center in NYC
25 years of clinical restorative experience
Visiting Faculty Spear Institute at Scottsdale Center for Dentistry
Numerous awards and associations


“What sets Dr. Minch apart from most dentists is his relentless pursuit of excellence in both his clinical practice, as well as his pursuit of continuing education both as a student and a mentor to other dentists.  I first came to know Dr. Minch as a co participant in a workshop down in Brazil given by a master clinician.   He is part of an elite group of dentists at the Spear Institute who volunteer their time as visiting faculty to mentor other dentists from all over the world.  I recently took part in a special workshop Dr. Minch put together at great effort that brought in a dentist of international reknown. The reward for Dr. Minch was simply that he could make a difference.  I feel fortunate to have Dr. Minch as a colleague and a friend.”

Dr. Alexander Tsui
School of Dental Medicine, University of Connecticut
Visiting Faculty Spear Institute at Scottsdale Center for Dentistry
Founder and Chair, Apex for Youth (www.apexforyouth.org) 1992-2006
Private Practice New York, NY

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