Smile Gallery

We have been helping patients achieve dental health and attractive smiles for over 25 years. Below are a few examples of how we have transformed some patients’ teeth using a variety of treatments and services. Click the buttons below to view some of our actual patients and their new smiles.
Walter, at the age of 72,  had lost his wife several years before and was interested in dating. He felt his teeth were yellow and wanted to bleach them.  I explained to him that bleaching would not give him what he wanted because his teeth were too yellow with old fillings and very thin edges. Porcelain veneers were recommended to restore the color, shape and strength to his upper front teeth. The end of the story is that he found a girlfriend while the temporary veneers were on (not the permanent, but the temps were enough to make him a chick magnet!) Walter loves his teeth and said he wishes he had done it years ago. Click here to see a close up view.

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