Greetings to all our East Coast Brethren- we feel your struggles.  Last week was definitely one for the record books.

Let’s start with last Tuesday. I was working on a patient (and yes I had a drill in my hand) when the walls literally started shaking and the floor actually rumbled. It briefly went through my mind that it was an earthquake but I quickly quashed that ridiculous notion because- we’re on the East Coast. We never get earthquakes! Well that little piece of comforting thought has now been  proven wrong.  My patient nervously asked if I was finished because he might want to leave…..I don’t think I ever saw someone leave our office so quickly. And you know the rest of the story- people started rushing in- “did you hear?”; “it was 5.8 on the Richter Scale”; “what’s that mean??” , “should we evacuate the building?”……. Well , we actually stayed and finished seeing our patients and as we were catching our breath at the end of the day, our last patient said, “so did you hear about the hurricane coming up the coast??”…………

And there it was on the Weather Channel- the BIGGEST STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!! Thank God it hit over the weekend; On Monday morning I returned to the office a little wary of what I might find. My home had no power, Cindy, my receptionist’s house, had no power…. but our office stood like a shining beacon full of electricity and light! We have seen patients this week who still have no power- they have to shower at their gym and rely on friends for meals. So, by comparison, we’re doing just fine.

I have always said that our office is about excellent dentistry and creating relationships. This week has certainly emphasized the latter – everyday we trade stories about where we were during the earthquake, when our power came back online, how many trees toppled over……This weekend is Labor day and I guess we can all use an additional day to recoup and renew our souls and then next week- we’ll be ready for anything that comes our way. Let’s hope it’s a quiet week!!!