I am writing from Curitiba, Brazil, a town just southwest of Sao Paolo. I arrived here Friday afternoon in preparation of a 5 day course that I will be taking here. This is a hands on course that focuses on reconstructing front teeth that have broken or deteriorated. Why travel all the way to Brazil for this?? Must be a good tax write off and most of my time will be by the pool- right??

Wrong!! This promises to be a very intense 5 days that will go from 8 in the morning to as late as 9 or 10 at night. I plan to report on the progress of the course  as the week goes on- New materials and techniques that I am learning which will enable me to provide the prettiest, most natural looking teeth for my patients.

The reason I traveled 14 hours to a small town in Brazil is to study with one of the world’s most respected dental artists by the name of Dr. Newton Fahl. His office is here in Curitiba and I, along with 7 other participants, will work alongside Dr. Fahl to learn how to better design, sculpt, layer and finish exquisite looking teeth.

Stay tuned – it promises to be an exciting week!!