So here  am in Brazil at the most amazing course, learning a tremendous amount of information. The subject is how to use Composite Bonding material to better rebuild broken down/ fractured/ worn teeth but it could just as well be titled “how to make teeth look like teeth”.  Sounds like a pretty simple concept, doesn’t it but think about it- how many times have you seen someone who has just had their teeth bleached/ veneered etc and your first thought was-“man, her teeth look unnatural/ weird/ strange or just bad”.

The fact of the matter is that it is almost impossible to exactly mimic nature – the challenge is to consistently work towards acquiring the skills and expertise in order to best recreate the teeth that you were either born with or desire. I am at the office of Dr. Newton Fahl (, world renowned leader in the art and science of bonding  front teeth. There are 8 other participants from the US, Ireland, Canada and Greece. Together , we are on a week long quest to increase the level of our artistry and knowledge base so that we can create the most exquisite aesthetic results for our patients.

Yesterday was our first day and we went from 8 AM to 8:30 PM, learning about the latest research in bonding chemistry, teeth designs and then actually sculpting front teeth. My creation is shown at the top of this page as well a photo of me in the act (just in case my patients still think i am lost somewhere on a beach in Brazil!)

Today, day 2, was a full day of lecture on color theory as well as an exhaustive review of the bonding materials that we use- their properties and advanced techniques. it was a short day, letting out at 6PM but don’t worry- tomorrow promises to be a 12-14 hour day of building, refining and polishing teeth made of tooth colored bonding material. So therefore, it’s time for me to get to bed- I will report our progress in the next day or so.

At least there’s no frozen rain/ black ice or subfreezing temperatures down here!!