150It has been awhile since I have been able to write a Blog piece, in part because life has a way of getting out of control (even when it is all good things) and in part because we have actually linked this Blog to my website (www.drminch.com) and given it its own name – Chew On This Blog. This change in technology was just enough to screw up my routine in posting (different site for me to log into) and it has taken me this long to figure it all out- I should have just asked my 22 year old son!! Anyway, a lot has transpired that is worthy of comment – Cindy, our receptionist, getting married to a patient, My younger son Joey getting Gold medals in Special Olympics swimming, an awesome Continuing Education study club meeting in my office……I hope to get to all these great events over the next week but , for now, I wanted to brag about the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, where I am a visiting faculty member.

We had our annual Faculty meeting at the Spear Institute / Scottsdale Center for Dentistry 2 weeks ago. And as preparation, I went to Arizona early so that I could sneak up to the Grand Canyon for 2 days. If you have never been, I would heartily recommend that you put it on your list of places to go. Beyond its obvious appeal as a national landmark, it has a spiritual quality that lends itself to quieting the soul down and helping become grounded and centered. While others are hiking, I like to use the time to reevaluate the large pieces of my life – specifically, in part, what improvements can I make to the dental practice to better serve our patients and to better reflect the values and goals that we have (i.e. to provide the most aesthetic, most comfortable, long lasting dental work in a relaxing setting where patients actually enjoy coming). I spent much time sitting on a rock overlooking the canyon, enjoying the peacefulness and beauty and came away with a renewed vision for myself and the office.

After those 2 days, I attended the Faculty meeting where I was blown away by the level of information that was presented as well as the impressive nature of the other visiting faculty. These are some of the most committed, impressive dentists from around the country and even around the world! There were dentists from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, England and various other countries. To be able to compare notes and enjoy a glass of wine with these talented individuals was a privilege and honor that made a definite impact on me. I came back to Baltimore and to my office with a broader vision as to what’s possible and new techniques to raise the bar to a new level of practice. Now for any patient who has ever been treated in my office, they know that we aspire, every day, to provide the highest quality dentistry in a very comfortable manner. The benefit of teaching in Scottsdale is this constant renewal of energy and vision that enables me to continue to get better and better.

The Grand Canyon and the annual meeting of the esteemed Faculty Club  at the Spear Institute – what an unbeatable combination for renewal of the spirit and for better dentistry!