Let’s say you need a crown for a broken tooth. The classic scenario that goes on in 98% of dental offices around the country is this: after a little Lidocaine, the tooth is prepared and then an impression is made- you know, that tray full of nasty tasting stuff that gags and stays in your mouth seemingly forever! After that pleasant experience, a temporary crown is made and cemented and then you come back in a couple of weeks for a second appointment to have the real crown inserted…..Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the whole impression mess, and get the crown that first appointment- that’s right, no temporary, no coming back for a second appointment

Well the future is here and it is really awesome!! I am writing this blog piece from a training center in Laurel MD. I am awaiting my first training session on the most amazing piece of equipment to come down the dental pike in a long time. It’s called a Cerec machine made by the Sirona corporation. Long story short, the machine mills a crown/ onlay/ veneer while you wait. I simply take a picture with the machines camera and the machine does the rest- no temporary, no coming back for a second appointment….. like I said- really cool!!!

Now to be honest, this technology has been around for 25 years but at its infancy, the quality of the restorations was subpar. Over the years, the CAD CAM 3D technology got more sophisticated and the quality of the restorations got better and better. To the point that today, a porcelain onlay made by this machine rivals any lab-made onlay in the country. Truly a milestone in dental history and I am so excited to be one of a very few dentists that provide this time saving, very comfortable option to restore your tooth.

I will be updating my experience with this new Cerec machine over the weeks and months to come. – for  I am prepared to revolutionize how we create awesome smiles in our office. Stay tuned- the future is here and so bright, we have to wear shades!!!